Frequently asked questions

Q. Will my pastor or church members know I submitted a survey?

A. No. Your responses sent anonymously.  Pastors only see the complied data which shows the frequency of the responses of their members or guest. For example, "70% of the respondents said they were greeted with a smile or hug when they attended today's service."


Q. How long does it take to complete the survey?

A. There are two surveys. One is a "Church Culture Survey." This survey a little over 50 questions that can be completed within 10-20 minutes. The second survey is a "Weekly Church Service / Activity Survey." This survey has 10 questions which can be completed within 2 to 3 minutes. 


Q. As a pastor how does this work for me ?

A. Very simple. Once your church members sign up. Within seconds, every survey they take about your ministry will be instantly sent to your email stored on our website Login to our website using your email address and you will see the data from everyone  who took the survey using your email address. Just make sure you announce to your congregation which email address you would like for them to use. 


Q. Can I use my cell phone to take the survey ?

A. Yes, there is an app for that. We have an app on both the iphone and Android phone. Therefore, you can take the survey while you are still on your church parking lot as soon as you leave service. 

Q. Why is there a fee?

A. Jesus said, for where your treasure is there will your heart be also (Matt 6:21). .99 cents is a very reasonable investment to help your ministry grow or retain its members. Let's not even list the things we spend money on that do noting to advance the Kingdom of God.